Our Plan

Next Six Months

During this period we'll be working on setting up a well-structured campaign throughout the state. One of our downfalls this past year was a lack of local leadership in every county and city to drive the signature effort. We plan to remedy that this time! 

We will also be fundraising like crazy! I am firm in my belief that we will NOT have to pay people to gather signatures. But that will mean that we will want to spend as much as we can on getting people energized about the initiative. People can't help if they don't heat about it, and people will be more willing to sign if they've already heard or read about it. So advertising and publicity will be key.

January 2019

Sometime in the first week of January we will file the new initiative text to begin the process. We will be sharing drafts of the text here and on Facebook as we develop it, but it will be substantively the same as 1621. 

It will take about 1-2 weeks for us to be assigned an initiative number, at which time we can print the petition sheets and start gathering signatures! Unlike this past effort, we will centralize and closely control the printing of the petition sheets. There was simply too much confusion and error by the well-intentioned, and I'd have to have people work hard for nothing.


Hopefully we will be celebrating enough signatures to make the ballot next year! In that case, we will immediately be shifting gears into fundraising a full-on campaign for the election to pass meaning change to protecting our kids!

Let's do this!